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Ray Larabie is a Canadian font designer who currently lives in Nagoya, Japan.

He became interested in fonts in the early 70s when his grandmother gave him sheets of dry transfer lettering. He began creating typefaces with pen and paper and later, on his first computer, a TRS-80.

In 1995, he launched “Ray Larabie’s Freeware Typeface of the Week” — a small website featuring his latest designs, offered free of charge for anyone to use. In 1996, the site was redesigned and renamed to “Larabie Fonts”. Using better font design software, he was soon launching new typeface designs as fast as he could produce them.

By 2000, Larabie Fonts had undergone a trio of renovations and had released over 300 typefaces. In 2001, he launched Typodermic, a commercial site devoted to larger font families at very reasonable prices.

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