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Oswald Bruce Cooper (b. 13 April 1879, Mount Gilead, Ohio “ d. 17 December 1940) was an American typographer, calligrapher, teacher, and graphic designer.

He studied at Chicago’s Frank Holme School of Illustration, first as a correspondence student, then in person, with an interest in illustration. Feeling that this was not his forté, he pursued design, and after taking a lettering class from Frederic Goudy, pursued a career in type and design. In time he became Director of the Correspondence School of Typography for the Holme School. When the school closed due to financial difficulties, Cooper took it on himself to provide correspondence education to prepaid students.

With Fred Bertsch he formed the design firm of Bertch & Cooper after 1904, providing ad campaigns for such accounts as the Packard Motor Car Company and Anheuser-Busch Breweries, with Cooper providing distinctive hand lettering and sometimes the copy writing as well. In 1914 the firm became a full-service type shop. Cooper’s anonymous hand-lettering for Packard ads formed the basis of the Packard font prepared at the direction of Morris Fuller Benton of American Type Founders.

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