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Michael Doret grew up in Brooklyn, NY near Coney Island, the influence of which is permanently etched in his work. He graduated from Cooper Union, and went on to start his own design studio in New York. His work revitalized the art of hand-lettering by expanding it into the areas of illustration and graphic design. You may be familiar with his work without even knowing it. If you’ve seen his logo for the NY Knicks or one of his many Time covers then you’re familiar with the power and dynamism he has brought to the art of hand-lettering and font design. The inspiration for his work has come from such diverse sources as matchbook covers, theater marquees, enamel signs, early and mid-20th century packaging, and various other artifacts of this great land of ours.

Michael is an eight time recipient of the NY Art Director’s Club Silver Award, and has exhibited work in all the major industry shows and annuals. His “Bedlam Ballroom” CD packaging project for the “Squirrel Nut Zippers” was nominated for a Grammy for Best Recording Package at the 44th Annual GRAMMY Awards.

Recently he expanded the base of his work to include font design by opening Alphabet Soup, his digital type foundry. Currently he has completed six unique font designs, and expects to add more soon. He currently runs his studio out of Hollywood, CA, sharing it with wife, illustrator Laura Smith.

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