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Martin Majoor has been designing type since the mid-1980s. During his study at the School of Fine Art in Arnhem (1980-1986), he shortly worked in a student placement at URW in Hamburg. It was there that he was able to work with the first digital typedesign system Ikarus. Serré from 1984 “ his first digital font •€” was the result, but it was never released. In 1986 he started as a typographic designer in the Research & Development Department at Océ-Netherlands, where he carried out research into screenfonts. For the production of digital typefaces for laser printers he followed a short education at Bitstream in Boston.

After working at Vredenburg Music Centre in Utrecht, Majoor started as independent typedesigner and book typographer. Since then he designed a few big type families and numerous books and book covers. Several of his book designs where awarded a Best Books prize. He wrote articles for magazines like Items, Eye magazine, 2+3D and tpG tipoGráfica.

From 1990 until 1995 Majoor taught typography at the Schools of Fine Arts in Arnhem and in Breda. He gave lectures at ATypI/Typelab conferences in Budapest, Antwerp, Paris, San Francisco, Barcelona, The Hague and Prague, at TypoBerlin (2002 and 2005), and during other type events in Lure-en-Provence (Rencontres internationales de Lure 1996), Leipzig (TypoTage 2004), Warsaw, Katowice, Stockholm, Hamburg, Caen, Vienna and Dortmund. He gave workshops in Amsterdam (Gerrit Rietveld Academie), Stuttgart (Merz Akademie) and Warsaw. His type designs were exhibited in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, New York (Cooper Union) , Paris, London, Manchester, Berlin, Helsinki and Barcelona. Since 1997 Majoor works as a graphic designer and type designer in both The Netherlands (Arnhem) and Poland (Warsaw)

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