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Prolific Frankfurt-based designer, born in Berlin in 1932, who studied typesetting at the Kurier in Berlin, later in Typografische AG (a work-group). His teacher was Berthold’s G. G. Lange (starting in 1951). He graduated in advertising in 1958. Until 1982, he worked as a Creative Director and then as a freelancer for several companies, including Stempel and Monotype. Since 1990, prolific font creator, with fonts appearing at Fontshop, Fonthaus, Elsner and Flake, Alphabets Inc, Apply Design Group, and Medienwerkstatt Muehlacker (school fonts). His fonts are partly commercial and partly freeware. They are invariably stylish, original, and often funny. He looks at type as an essential part of visual communication, and that theme unifies his work. It gives his typefaces a unique cachet.

On his 70th birthday, Apostrophe summarizes his contributions, and called him the Mark Twain of type. The quotation repeated: “I have really fond memories of Manfred’s earliest works, some stuff he did for Apply, Alphabets, and Fontshop. That was the early- to mid- 1990s, when type was still making the transition from photolettering and punches onto this new digital platform. Every old type and its grandfather were being scanned and digitized in all the swift intensity of serial killers, as if time were running out on us. Business concepts were being built around computer letters, territories were being marked, borders drawn… and into all this comes the work of Manfred Klein, like a breath of lake breeze to make light of everything.

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