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Joachim Müller-Lancé; is an international designer, principal of Kame Design in San Francisco since 1997.

His typographic work in Latin and Kanji scripts has garnered the Gold Prize and two Judge’s Prizes from the Morisawa International Type Design Competition, as well as 4 Certificates of Excellence from “bukva:raz!”, ATypI’s type design contest in collaboration with the UN. He was a member of the jury for Tokyo Type Directors Club 2010 Awards.

Joachim has taught, lectured and written for leading design publications in North America, Asia and Europe; his work has been reproduced in over 20 professional books worldwide. He graduated with honors from the Basel School of Design in Switzerland, and added fine arts studies at the Cooper Union New York.

Professional memberships include: Type Directors Club, Association Typographique Internationale.

Typefaces by Joachim Müller-Lancé: Uppercut Angle, Cortina, Lancé Condensed, Shuriken Boy, Ouch!, and Flood.

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