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JIM FORD is a type designer, a “Jack of Arts” who tackles the demands of custom type design while creating innovative new fonts for the masses. Jim is a graduate of Columbia College Chicago, where he studied advertising art direction and graphic design. While Jim was growing as an aspiring type designer, he was fortunate to have great mentors in the craft, such as George Thompson and Steve Matteson.

Jim joined the Ascender team in 2005. Jim has created custom typefaces for a wide range of corporate branding clients, software and hardware developers, fonts for retail, and even the US government! Beyond the Latin alphabet, Jim has extensive experience drawing for several languages including Greek, Cyrillic, Hebrew, Thai and other non-Latin and minority scripts. Before Ascender, Jim worked at a point-of-purchase advertising agency and was a freelance artist, involved in a variety of projects from brand identity systems and packaging, to album covers and rock posters.

Some of his type designs include: Artcraft™ Pro, Ayita™ Pro, Captain Quill™, Ford’s Folly™, Pokerface™ and a handful of other fonts which are in progress.

Jim lives in Delavan, Wisconsin with his son Riley. When he’s not designing typefaces or playing dad, he is working hard on his other passion, Music. Jim plays bass, drums and other instruments, and is an active bandleader for the Chicago-based hard rock outfit Coyote Camaro, and his collective improv vehicle, Duchamp.

Jim’s design and fonts can also be found at rebeletter.com

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