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James Grieshaber has been an Art Director at advertising agencies and a newspaper, but when he had the chance to become a staff designer for P22 Type Foundry, he jumped on it to hone his font design skills. After that he opened his type design studio called Typeco to showcase his unique typographic vision. During that time he designed and co-edited the Indie Fonts book series, among other project work. he has been honored for his logo design, graphic design, and art direction work as well as being awarded for excellence in type design from Association Typographique International (ATypI), TypeArt2005(Cyrillic), and the Tokyo Type Directors Club.

Typeco is the digital type foundry for the designs of James Grieshaber. Typeco puts a modern spin on familiar concepts to create bold and versatile font families. Relevant type styles with a significant nod to the past.

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