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Born in Linwood, Indiana, Albert Bruce Rogers early desire to become an artist led him to Purdue College (now a University) in Lafayette where he was introduced to fine books and printing.

Best known for his book design. Bruce Rogers, was first introduced to the work of Klemscott Press while working in Indianapolis. He went on to design many books now considered masterpieces working both in the United States and England. Among the many books Rogers designed, there is a consensus concerning the three outstanding works, all set in Centaur: the T.E. Shaw’s translation of Homer’s Odyssey; Stanley Morison ‘s essay, Fra Luca de Pacioli of Borgo S. Sepolcro, The Renaissance Italian writing masterpiece; and his masterpiece, the Oxford Lectern Bible. Which took Roger’s four years and was published by Oxford University Press in 1935.

His most noted contribution to type is his design for Centaur in 1914, a revival of Nicolas Jenson’s type.

Rogers died on May 18, 1957 in New Fairfield, Connecticut at the age of eighty-seven.

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