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70’s born, 80’s synth-pop raised and inspired designer. Witnessed “East meets West” through screen pixels in the 90’s. Taught by the New York School generation that went on to become educators in their own right.

Anuthin is a partner of Behaviour Group Inc., a design studio based in Bangkok, Thailand. He has been designing Thai custom fonts for major Thai clients such as AIS (Thailand’s largest mobile phone operator) and Wallpaper* Magazine Thai edition (with Christian Schwartz). He also provided an original Thai and Latin typeface for MTV Thailand and its magazine. His Latin typefaces have been used in local and American magazines such as Blue, Wired and SnowBoarding. Creative Technology of Singapore enlisted him to design a bitmap font for use on their Zen MP3 Player product line.

Anuthin’s fonts also have been used on several book covers and consumer products including record covers of Matchbox20 and Five for Fighting to name a few. Additionally, his typefaces have been used in identities for worldwide companies such as Choice Hotel Group (Comfort Inn and Quality Inn).

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