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Alessio Leonardi was born in 1965 in Italy. To quote Leonardi, his life story began like this: I was born, so to speak, in Florence on a cold day in July. A very cold one. I can’t say I’m cool, though I freeze quite easily. As a child I decided to become really famous, but I was poor, really poor. Poor people have to play football to be famous, but I’m lazy and I prefer to watch it on TV. One day, it was in September, I met a girl on the street, she was 24. I understood that what I had experienced up to then was not the kind of life I would like to have. So I went to Berlin and began a new adventure – about that I can tell you at the moment nothing more… In addition to being a type designer Leonardi lists chef, philosopher, designer, homebody, juggler, typographer, illustrator, translator, politician and scientist, among others, as his professions. Otherwise, when Alessio is not designing type he is busy studying comics and reading philosophy books. When I don’t design type I love to watch the types I designed. When I don’t design type I’m almost always hungry, so I eat avocados.

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