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  1. Vagebond
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    Vagebond is a monoline family in three widths, Condensed ©, Normal (N), and Extended (XT). With Vagebond I was inspired…

  2. Fatboy Husky

    Fatboy Husky is a digitally reconditioned design of original wood type. Created by Matt Braun and Matt Griffin and given…

  3. Strangelove Next

    Strangelove Next is inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s movie “Dr. Strangelove”. The original titles were designed by Pablo Ferro, who is…

  4. Novecento sans wide

    A retro font face born from a typo-photo reportage about European sans serifs of the first half of the 20th…

  5. Goblin One

    Goblin One belongs to the category of display types called “Latin”. This is because of its sharp triangular serifs. Goblin…

  6. Asset

    Asset was inspired by the engraved letters found on United States dollar bills. Asset belongs to the “fat face” category…

  7. 58 Rodeo
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    58 Rodeo is based on several different woodtypes used primarily as display faces in the late 1800s/early 1900s. The difference…

  8. Wide Display
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    Unicase wide slab-serif with numerous alternatives and decorative elements. In Ribbon styles kerning for black ribbons released as Discretionary…

  9. Rieven Roman
  10. Azo Sans Uber
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    Rui Abreu’s Azo Sans Uber is the newest addition to his popular geometric family. Featuring exaggerated optical adjustments and a…

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