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  1. ITC Berkeley Old Style

    ITC Berkeley Old Style is based on California Old Style of Frederic W. Goudy, which he designed for the University…

  2. Aviano Serif
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    Insigne’s popular Aviano series returns with Aviano Serif. Aviano Serif features the same classically inspired and extended proportions of Aviano,…

  3. Kidela
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    Kidela is an exuberant and eccentric serif typeface reminiscent of hand painted signage. Kidela features tight kerning and spacing, and…

  4. Malaga

    Xavier Dupré, the designer of the Malaga typeface family, has at least one leg securely planted in the latter notion.…

  5. ITC Weidemann
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    The ITC Weidemann® Font Family is part of the ITC Collection. The Weidemann typeface’s original name was Biblica, which was…

  6. Eason

    Eason evolved over the course of two years from its original source: Nicolas Jenson’s 1470 roman. Jenson has been revived…

  7. Leksa
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    Humanist sans-serif in twelve weights. Roman and…

  8. Maiola

    Being inspired by early Czech type design, Maiola is clearly a contemporary typeface, that is mindful of its historical heritage,…

  9. Andron MC
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    The font series Andron MC introduces a new feature to the repertoire of the Andron family: middlecase glyphs (intermediate between…

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