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  1. Area

    Area hearkens back to the disco era, reminiscent of nightclub and record advertising. The rounded simple forms are updated with…

  2. Garaje
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    Garaje wil be a huge family of a highly-modular sans serif typeface. His first typeface, Thomas Hout-Marchland started designing the…

  3. Questal
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    Questal is an intriguing unicase serif. The face appears rather eccentric, yet it still retains a refined character. The typeface…

  4. Anubis Pro

    Anubis Pro is a slab serif display type. X-height majiscules is a defining characteristic “ an experimental nod to uncial…

  5. Headcold
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    I have to admit. This face was done for no other reason but for fun…and to kill time during a…

  6. Resonance

    Resonance is a family of 6 display typefaces featuring smooth curves and fine lines, evoking the spirit of the 1970s.…

  7. Ambicase Modern
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    Ambicase Modern takes the next step in unicase font design, offering not “either/or”, but rather “both/and”. Each letter in Ambicase…

  8. King Pong

    Inspired by apes and barrels, King Pong is a display font that’s heavy, blocky, yet cheerful. Letterforms are brought to…

  9. Ballet Mechanique
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    Ballet Mechanique is a custom designed font for musician Jeroen Borrenbergs, aka Ballet Mechanique. For his upcoming record releases Jeroen…

  10. Parity
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    There is no bicameral Parity. It has been designed from scratch to be an exceptional unicase typeface, uncompromised by the…

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