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  1. REM Accelerate
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    Accelerate was created for the REM’s 2007 album Accelerate. The goal was to make a font as bold as the…

  2. Headcold
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    I have to admit. This face was done for no other reason but for fun…and to kill time during a…

  3. Semilla

    Another brilliant and lively addition to the Ale Paul catalog, inspired by the work of mid-century German lettering artist Bentele.…

  4. Cartwheel

    Cartwheel, a super bold and playful display font designed by Tom Censani was inspired by the imperfect beauty of hand-lettered…

  5. Anglecut

    Designed for the impending future, Anglecut is a wide, bold, rectangular font with 45 degree cuts that look three-dimensional at…

  6. Lightbrick Series

    The Lightbrick Family was designed to display Titles in a grid made of glowing light…

  7. Uppercut Angle

    Uppercut is a rather sporting fellow, originally developed for the Krav Maga training center of San Francisco (Krav Maga is…

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