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  1. Legionary
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  2. Anne Bonny
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    Anne Bonny is the comrade of Mary Read Type. It has the same proportions and nearly the same OpenType-Features. It is a Bodoni-inspired typeface with a sweet and female touch. You can choose between the swashes-feature, initials, final letters,…

  3. Samantha
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    Samantha was designed with a focus on variety, versatility, beauty and practicality. With measured rhythm and contrasting, connected strokes, Samantha…

  4. Lucilee

    Lucilee is a full featured, OpenType script font from Michael Clark. It is a sweeping italic with many alternates, including…

  5. Mishka
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    Mishka is a classy upright script, closely related to Emil Bertell’s recent Barber and Pepita Script releases. Mishka has clear…

  6. Pauline Didone
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    An Art Deco, script inspired typeface for ‘modern’ times, Pauline Didone is a full type family with a unique and…

  7. Donator

    The typeface is based on geometric forms and contains unique characters in the form of stylistic…

  8. Dulce
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    Dulce is a swash typeface with an elegant and romantic touch. It is thin, but it becomes thick where two…

  9. Friendly

    Friendly is an homage to Morris Fuller Benton’s adorable Announcement typeface. It is not a strict interpretation, digital revival or…

  10. LiebeKlara
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    LiebeKlara likes company, for example when her girlfriend LiebeErika comes over and they have some LiebeOrnaments with their…

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