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  1. Breuer Text

    Breuer Text is a simple geometric sans with relaxed curves and slightly condensed proportions suitable for moderate lengths of body…

  2. Sommet Rounded
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    The Sommet series has been updated with a rounded variant. Sommet Rounded retains its predecessor’s high-tech web 2.0 character but…

  3. Downtempo

    Downtempo is a 4-weight font family with some uniques characters including the ch ligature and some other Spanish language characters…

  4. Antenna
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    The calm and deliberation of Antenna offers further development to the excitement and mobility that we have come to expect…

  5. Plau
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    Futurist typeface from the programming era, Plau is a sans-serif with rounded corner personality and interestingly deliberate lettershapes. Comfortable in…

  6. Old Hamcherry Bold
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    Old Hamcherry Bold is the second typeface by Iowan designer Max Dingksbuhms. After the iconic Jamon Book it is his…

  7. Akko

    By combining the more austere industrial concept with the softer, friendlier aspects, Akira Kobayashi has managed to create two typeface…

  8. Foral Pro

    »Foral Pro« is a modern slab serif, organic and balanced, with harmonized proportions and polished forms. »Foral Pro« is a…

  9. Sinews Sans Pro

    Sinews Sans is a contemporary square sans, combining a technical armature covered by decent curves and distinctive warmth. A broad…

  10. Sone
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    Sone is designed to be bold with stripped off nonessential details making it uncomplicated, simple in expression, yet appealing and…

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