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  1. Goldbarre

    Goldbarre is a finely engraved slab serif face in the spirit of ‘between the wars’ commercial confidence. It’s a solid…

  2. Chennai Slab
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    Chennai Slab is an extension of the original Chennai. Chennai Slab is a simplified slab serif with over sixty OpenType…

  3. Vitesse

    “Engineered for responsive handling and a sporty ride, Vitesse is a twenty-first century slab serif that’s agile, steady, confident and…

  4. Deutsche Bahn News
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    Commissioned by United Designers for Deutsche Bahn AG. Not available for relicensing. “Between 2003 and 2006 (possibly starting even earlier),…

  5. Dalle

    A slab serif typeface with uniformity. With every character resembling a rectangular shape, the spaces between each letter are very…

  6. YWFT Motown
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    YWFT Motown Condensed is a geometric slab serif that contains a total of 5 weights. YWFT Motown Condensed is based…

  7. Cavole Slab
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    Cavole Slab is a slab serif, designed in early 2011, that has a strong influence from Dutch typography. The name…

  8. Ultra
  9. Merriweather

    Merriweather was designed to be a text face that pleasant to read on screens. It is a hybrid of 20th…

  10. Saturn V

    A heavy-duty, lowercase slab-serif inspired by the monumental Saturn V rocket that carried men from the earth to the…

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