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  1. Mommie
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    In the early 1980s, at the start of my career, I worked in a print shop with classic lead…

  2. Yanone Kaffeesatz

    Yanone’s first ever finished typeface, who, at the time, still was a type design novice. Its bold weight was reminiscent…

  3. Fresco Script
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    Fresco Script is the least formal part of the Fresco family. The strokes of Fresco Script are loose and spontaneous,…

  4. REM Orange
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    Michael Stipe bought an orange plastic stencil to begin a project in which he stenciled on a shirt every city…

  5. REM Tourfont
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    This font was created for the REM’s 2003 Tour by making a standard stencil font, then reattaching the…

  6. Zócalo
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    Eduardo Danilo’s dramatic redesign of El Universal, a leading Mexico City daily, introduced Cyrus Highsmith’s Zócalo. The original text, and…

  7. Rooney

    Rooney is a serif typeface with a warm and friendly feel. Rounded serifs and terminals create a strong impression in…

  8. Raniscript

    Raniscript started out as an idea for a bold and strongly structured ronde style script with some contemporary touches.. As…

  9. Crema
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    There are 3 styles from the connected Forte to the quiet…

  10. Freckle Face

    Freckle Face draws its inspiration from Pillbury’s Funny Face drink mix…

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