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  1. Swift
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    “Many of my type designs have been the result of my own initiative,* particularly my newsfaces. The first of these…

  2. Prelo Slab

    Prelo Slab is the serif companion to Prelo, a neutral, highly readable typeface, for identity, editorial and information design. With…

  3. FF Milo Serif
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    FF Milo is a robust workhorse family ideally suited for the complex requirements of magazine and newspaper typography. In order…

  4. Times New Roman

    The British newspaper, The Times, commissioned Times New Roman in 1931 after Stanley Morison wrote an article criticizing the newspaper…

  5. Rocky

    A Latin with Bodoni proportions, or a Bodoni with Latin…

  6. Dispatch
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    Cyrus Highsmith created Dispatch in his search for an industrial grade slab-serif to serve as text and display. A taut…

  7. Poynter Old Style Display
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    In the sixteen-seventies, Christopher Plantin was the largest publisher of his day. Hendrik van den Keere cut for him an…

  8. Aster

    A text type designed for book and newspaper design with clear variation of…

  9. Berlin
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    A newspaper type with accentuated center and serifs, available in two…

  10. Miller
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    Miller, designed by Matthew Carter, is a “Scotch Roman,” a class of sturdy, general purpose types of Scottish origin, widely…

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