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  1. Everson Mono
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    Everson Mono is a shareware Unicode monowidth font, whose design started in 1994.

    Development of this font is…

  2. Simple
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    LL Simple was created for the second publication by Norm entitled «Norm. The Things.» «Simple» is a monospace typeface. «Simple»…

  3. Pigtail

    DF-Pigtail is the result of a curious marriage of the ‘free’ form of writing with the fixed (mono) space for…

  4. Normetica
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    Normetica was designed to fit the grid of «Norm» Magazine, Issue Nr. 0, entitled «Introduction». Normetica has got three weights,…

  5. Office
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    This monospaced text font was developed from the designs of the unreleased «Overseas» family, wich was based on a set…

  6. AutoScape
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    «Autoscape» was developed from an existing design by Andrew Welch, Carl R. Osterwald, Stephen Gilardi and William I. Johnston, which…

  7. SkyhookMono
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    Sky­hook­Mono is a care­fully hand­crafted mono­spaced type­face fam­ily. It is mod­ern, sturdy and reduced to the max yet refined and…

  8. MN00

    MN00 is a monospaced, experimental typeface constructed on a strict grid using only 90 and 45 degree…

  9. ARGN

    A mono-spaced, stencil family which has been heavily rounded in order to create a serious, yet friendly…

  10. FF Nuvo Mono
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    During a stay in Paris, French magazines with their elegant, extravagant appearance inspired Siegfried Ruckel for this typeface. He wanted…

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