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  1. Samantha
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    Samantha was designed with a focus on variety, versatility, beauty and practicality. With measured rhythm and contrasting, connected strokes, Samantha…

  2. Gelato Script
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    Gelato Script is a smooth-flowing typeface with an air of familiarity. Influenced by both formal scripts and mid-Twentieth Century hand…

  3. Vanilla Shake

    Based on the lettering of Mike Stevens, Vanilla Shake is a heavy upright script face similar to that used on…

  4. Lady Fair

    A fun upbeat font with a somewhat feminine 1960’s feel, Lady Fair was inspired by the hand-lettered posters and promo…

  5. Populaire
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    Populaire is a hand-drawn font that mimics true handcrafted lettering. Counting 4 glyphs for each letter, the laborious kerning table…

  6. Export

    “Walking down the street in Chinatown one night, I spotted some cardboard boxes printed with this crazy style of handmade…

  7. Filmotype Keynote

    Introduced by Filmotype in 1955, Filmotype Keynote was inspired by bold advertisers handlettering styles made popular in the late 1930s…

  8. Filmotype LaCrosse

    Filmotype LaCrosse was released by Filmotype in the late 1950s as an attractive informal casual pen-script, also known as a…

  9. Darling
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    Darling is a display font, with medium contrast, designed to be used in the composition of titles, letterings, visual id’s…

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