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  1. Prell
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    The original idea was to create a typeface that is similar to a self-portrait. Prell is a font that reflects…

  2. Wigrum
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    Wigrum was born in 2011, when Anouk Pennel and Raphaël Daudelin, from Montréal-based design studio Feed, were preparing the book…

  3. Mineral

    Mineral is a glittering writing, fractured into multiple tetragonal splinters, rectangular modules slightly spaced, like quartz and pixels. A Kapla…

  4. Ladislav

    The Ladislav font revitalises Sutnar’s legacy, while not explicitly copying any of his original fonts. It however keeps true to…

  5. Transat
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    Transat is a geometric sans serif typeface, with caps inspired by Art Deco signage — found inside the “Gare Maritime”…

  6. Summit

    Summit is a legible display face with characteristics inspired by geometric sans serifs dating back to the late…

  7. Verb
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    Verb from Yellow Design Studio is a 72-font sans-serif superfamily that’s confident, friendly and energetic. At text sizes it’s highly…

  8. Clear Sans

    This “rational geometric sans” is based on the warmth and movement of hand-lettered forms, not merely the “pretty geometry” of…

  9. Muriza

    Styrian rooted and with a name dedicated to a region with soft rocks, forested mountains, narrow valleys and clear air…

  10. Vivala Slab
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