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  1. Garamond 3

    Opinion varies regarding the role of Claude Garamond (ca. 1480“1561) in the development of the Old Face font Garamond. What…

  2. Vendôme

    Vendôme, a quirky typeface designed in 1952 by François Ganeau while working at Fonderie Olive. Possibly named for Place Vendôme,…

  3. Aviano Serif
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    Insigne’s popular Aviano series returns with Aviano Serif. Aviano Serif features the same classically inspired and extended proportions of Aviano,…

  4. Stefania Antique
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    Stefania Antique is an aged version of Stefania, an elegant italic script. Stefania Antique is perfect for creating unique and…

  5. Enzia
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    Enzia is a friendly and flowing sans serif. Enzia exists somewhere between a slab serif and a semi-sans, and features…

  6. Insigne Fleurons
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    Insigne Fleurons offers a wide range of diverse text ornaments to enhance your designs. These 52 ornaments can be used…

  7. Lucida
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    There are many variants called Lucida, including scripts (Blackletter, Calligraphy, Handwriting), serif (Fax, Bright), and sans-serif (Sans, Sans Unicode, Grande,…

  8. ITC Galliard

    ITC Galliard is an adaptation of Matthew Carter’s 1978 phototype design for Mergenthaler. Galliard was modeled on the work of…

  9. Livory

    Livory is a serif type family of four fonts including small caps, 25 ornaments & 50 ligatures in each style.…

  10. Elena
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    From its conception, Elena was designed to serve two basic typesetting functions: text for continuous reading and display work of…

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