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  1. Fresco Script
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    Fresco Script is the least formal part of the Fresco family. The strokes of Fresco Script are loose and spontaneous,…

  2. FF Quadraat

    FF Quadraat is an original typeface by Dutch designer Fred Smeijers, published as part of FSI’s FontFont type library. The…

  3. Marat Pro

    Marat Pro is an elegant typeface with a soft and friendly appearance. It comes in 5 different weights and includes…

  4. Alright Sans

    Alright Sans is a contemporary sans-serif. Inspired by both grotesque and humanist models, it’s clean and prudent with an warm,…

  5. Ezzo
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    Specifications|License agreement About this typeface: Initially created for a design bureau, Ezzo is now available in 6 weights with italics…

  6. Cherritt

    Cherritt is described by its foundry as a ‘go anywhere’ family it can be equally at home captioning a sepia…

  7. Chennai Slab
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    Chennai Slab is an extension of the original Chennai. Chennai Slab is a simplified slab serif with over sixty OpenType…

  8. ITC Chino
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    ITC Chino Pro brings legibility and distinction to text copy. It is also a friendly design that will invite readers…

  9. Jeanne Moderno

    Jeanne Moderno: a revisionary type family. Jeanne Moderno: a synthesis of Bodoni Italic and 19th Century Ultra-Bold ‘Fat Faces’, distilled…

  10. LFT Etica

    Etica, the-moralist-typefamily-project, was born at the end of 2000, but its development is ongoing, overcoming many hurdles and diversions. On…

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