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  1. Doublewide
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    Doublewide brings its loud and fun loving character to the wide types party. Featuring light to black weights and a…

  2. Diego

    Diego was originally produced as a custom font for the San Diego Padres broadcast graphics package. I was imagining Copperplate…

  3. Anglecut

    Designed for the impending future, Anglecut is a wide, bold, rectangular font with 45 degree cuts that look three-dimensional at…

  4. Lightbrick Series

    The Lightbrick Family was designed to display Titles in a grid made of glowing light…

  5. Vagebond
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    Vagebond is a monoline family in three widths, Condensed ©, Normal (N), and Extended (XT). With Vagebond I was inspired…

  6. DEZ Squeeze Fat

    When you don’t want to speak softly, Squeeze can shout above the crowd. Say it loudly and proudly, this face…

  7. Novecento sans wide

    A retro font face born from a typo-photo reportage about European sans serifs of the first half of the 20th…

  8. YWFT Ultramagnetic Expanded

    YWFT Ultramagnetic Expanded takes the original design down a more conservative path by bringing out the width by 20…

  9. Sinews Sans Pro

    Sinews Sans is a contemporary square sans, combining a technical armature covered by decent curves and distinctive warmth. A broad…

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