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  1. Akagi

    Akagi started as a rough sketch while on a really long plane ride to Tokyo in 2007. I wanted to…

  2. Dobra
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    Dobra is the redesign of a previous DSType release named Dione. It’s an excellent choice for publication design and corporate…

  3. Fedra Serif Display

    Fedra Serif Display has been designed to complement text versions of Fedra. It has been specifically made to suit the…

  4. Ninfa
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    Ninfa is a modern semi-serif, characterized by the search for a personal dash with calligraphic…

  5. Arnhem

    Arnhem was initially designed for the Nederlandse Staatscourant, the daily newspaper of the Dutch state. This typeface can be classified…

  6. Fago

    FF Fago is a true corporate typeface, the result of many years of experience with the challenges and requirements of…

  7. Glosa Display
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    With its extra high contrast for eye-catching feature titles and strong personality, Glosa Display is the ideal typeface for use…

  8. Adelle

    While Adelle is a slab serif typeface conceived specifically for intensive editorial use, mainly in newspapers and magazines, its personality…

  9. CamingoDos

    CamingoDos is provided with tight shapes and elliptic roundings. Along with a subtle contrast between thick and thin strokes CamingoDos…

  10. LFT Etica

    Etica, the-moralist-typefamily-project, was born at the end of 2000, but its development is ongoing, overcoming many hurdles and diversions. On…

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