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  1. Swift
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    “Many of my type designs have been the result of my own initiative,* particularly my newsfaces. The first of these…

  2. Farnham

    Farnham by Christian Schwartz and released by Font Bureau is a ridiculously diverse typeface. In its black display form, it…

  3. Collis
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    Collis (designed in 1993 by Christoph Noordzij), is a typical The Hague-style typeface with a certain elegance. With its well…

  4. Lexicon

    Like no other typeface, Lexicon unites Swiss as well as Dutch type demands: economy, elegance, quality and “cleanliness”. In its…

  5. DTL Documenta Sans
  6. Arnhem

    Arnhem was initially designed for the Nederlandse Staatscourant, the daily newspaper of the Dutch state. This typeface can be classified…

  7. Nobel
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    Conceived around the same time as Futura, Nobel lacks its strict adherence to geometric forms (perhaps a consequence of de…

  8. Sirba

    Sirba, a seriffed typeface family with a friendly personality, was conceived especially for the demands in complex text environments like…

  9. Custodia OT
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    Custodia, designed by Fred Smeijers, is a refinement of seventeenth-century Dutch flavours. Designed in 2002 for publications of the Custodia…

  10. Amalta

    TDC2 2011 Winner Amalta is a Display typeface with calligraphic background. It inherits weight and letter constructions from the original…

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