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  1. Visoko

    Visoko is a playful, geometric typeface inspired by post-modern fonts designed by Mecanorma from the 80s.This typeface has been designed…

  2. Mozziano

    Mozziano is an elegant cross between geometric and round shapes. Its post-retro style opposes also fine and thick lines. This…

  3. Ka Callista

    Callista (from the Greek for “most beautiful”) is a fat cursive typeface, inspired by the works of Francois Boltana in…

  4. Dynatype

    Suddenly…it’s the World of Tomorrow! With the push of a button Dynatype automates your typesetting experience. Dynatype is actually “Two…

  5. Fancy Antique Display
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    Fancy Antique Display is a uppercase display font inspired by French decorative alphabets from the 1940’s and…

  6. Iskra

    A practical sans serif need not appear dry, constructed, or derivative. It can excel in its sensible role and yet…

  7. YWFT Whisky

    The Precursors. The Founders. The Engineers. Known by many names in popular culture, this colony of erudite masters from Long…

  8. MeM

    Sometimes a surprise, sometimes prediction: an interactive type system with a wide range of individual personalities. MeM is an eccentric…

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