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  1. SangBleu Sans BP
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    The Sang Bleu family was created by Ian Party for his partner Max Buechi’s publication of culture and photography, SangBleu.…

  2. Optima

    Optima is a humanist sans-serif typeface designed by Hermann Zapf between 1952-1955 for the D. Stempel AG foundry, Frankfurt, Germany.…

  3. Glosa Display
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    With its extra high contrast for eye-catching feature titles and strong personality, Glosa Display is the ideal typeface for use…

  4. Guadalupe
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    Guadalupe, from the family of classic Didots. Is a high performance font, with a great set of alternates & swashes.…

  5. Oban
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    Oban is a typeface in the spirit of the woodcut nineteenth century Thorowgood typeface. This is made extra graphic and…

  6. Lily
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    Lily is a contemporary and graphic script typeface with an oddly top-heavy stress. A drawn, rather than handwritten approach to…

  7. Encorpada
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    Freely inspired by the didones shapes, Encorpada is the new dooType’s font. Generous curves and high contrast determine his purpose…

  8. Ka Callista

    Callista (from the Greek for “most beautiful”) is a fat cursive typeface, inspired by the works of Francois Boltana in…

  9. Accent Graphic

    Accent Graphic was developed as the corporate typeface for a London design consultancy in 1997. The starting point was the…

  10. MeM

    Sometimes a surprise, sometimes prediction: an interactive type system with a wide range of individual personalities. MeM is an eccentric…

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