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  1. Fedra Serif A

    Fedra Serif is a multilingual contemporary serif typeface with each style supporting over 90 languages including Greek polytonic and Cyrillic.…

  2. Fedra Serif B

    Contrary to Fedra Serif A, version B has an increased contrast and stem lengths, and it is suitable for high-resolution…

  3. Karbon
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    Karbon is an open, geometric sans serif with a contemporary spartan finish. It is an exploration of Paul Renner’s reductionist…

  4. Ezzo
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    Specifications|License agreement About this typeface: Initially created for a design bureau, Ezzo is now available in 6 weights with italics…

  5. Grus

    Grus was created by Seth Labenz and Roy Rub of Topos Graphics in 2009. Seth and Roy were inspired to…

  6. Karmina

    Karmina is a text typeface developed mainly for pocket books and budget editions. It was built to withstand the worst…

  7. Grant
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  8. FF Roice

    FF Roice is a grown-up version of FF Engine, made in 1995. FF Engine was conceived as a slightly strange,…

  9. Dezen Pro

    Dezen is a contemporary, mechanical grotesque typeface. Its letters were first constructed from individual modules and then optically refined to…

  10. Sirba

    Sirba, a seriffed typeface family with a friendly personality, was conceived especially for the demands in complex text environments like…

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