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  1. Aaux Next Compressed

    When the original Aaux was introduced several years ago, I intended to go back and expand the family to…

  2. Fedra Sans Display 1

    Fedra Sans Display 1 is a collection of six very thin, nearly monolinear fonts ideally suited for headline settings where…

  3. Heroic Condensed
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    Heroic Condensed is the graphic embodiment of the idealized, no-nonsense, narrow grotesque. From poster design to editorial layout, Heroic Condensed…

  4. Antenna
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    The calm and deliberation of Antenna offers further development to the excitement and mobility that we have come to expect…

  5. Bumper

    Bumper is the ideal ultra-black Sans Serif if you wanna make noise. The three widths could even be mixed in…

  6. Heroic Compressed Pro
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    Heroic Compressed Pro is a narrowed variation of Silas Dilworth’s original 2008 release of Heroic Condensed. This family of seven…

  7. Bernini Sans
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    JAF Bernini Sans’s finely balanced weight distribution and open shapes make it a great text face, while the wide variety…

  8. CA Oskar
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    CA Oskar came into being as a custom typeface for the international Traumzeit music festival. As a substantial part of…

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