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  1. Andrade

    Andrade was inspired by the typographic work of Manoel de Andrade de Figueiredo (b.1670-d.1735), Nova Escola para Aprender a Ler,…

  2. Esta Pro
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    Esta Pro is a mystifyingly elegant yet practical serif typeface. The stoic and well-proportioned uppercase fail to distract from the…

  3. Glosa Display
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    With its extra high contrast for eye-catching feature titles and strong personality, Glosa Display is the ideal typeface for use…

  4. Glosa Text

    Glosa Text is part of the DSType Premium Typeface Collection, painstakingly crafted for editorial and informational design. Glosa Text is…

  5. Heroic Condensed
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    Heroic Condensed is the graphic embodiment of the idealized, no-nonsense, narrow grotesque. From poster design to editorial layout, Heroic Condensed…

  6. Athelas

    An attempt to go back towards the beauty of fine book printing, inspired in Britain’s literary classics. Athelas takes full…

  7. Anglecut

    Designed for the impending future, Anglecut is a wide, bold, rectangular font with 45 degree cuts that look three-dimensional at…

  8. Code Pro

    Code Pro is a font family inspired by the original Sans Serif fonts like Avant Garde or Futura, but with…

  9. Kostic Serif
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    Kostic Serif is a classic transitional typeface (like Baskerville, Bookman, Caslon, Times) with tall, clean characters and a large glyph…

  10. Azo Sans

    Azo Sans is a new grotesque loosely based on the elementary forms of geometry. It is inspired by the constructiv-…

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