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  1. Marvin

    The objective of this font was to try and find out how far back in the designer’s life this obsession…

  2. Bumper

    Bumper is the ideal ultra-black Sans Serif if you wanna make noise. The three widths could even be mixed in…

  3. Amalta

    TDC2 2011 Winner Amalta is a Display typeface with calligraphic background. It inherits weight and letter constructions from the original…

  4. Gordon
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    Although appearing at first as a no-nonsense bold titling face, Gordon actually offers a much greater complexity through the addition…

  5. Visoko

    Visoko is a playful, geometric typeface inspired by post-modern fonts designed by Mecanorma from the 80s.This typeface has been designed…

  6. Mozziano

    Mozziano is an elegant cross between geometric and round shapes. Its post-retro style opposes also fine and thick lines. This…

  7. Red
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    Red began as an experiment, and turned into a larger project. Most super-black type designs are constructed of extremely simple…

  8. Brisko Display
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    Brisko Display is alternate version of Brisko Sans

  9. Muriza

    Styrian rooted and with a name dedicated to a region with soft rocks, forested mountains, narrow valleys and clear air…

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