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  1. Wittenberger Fraktur

    Wittenberger Fraktur is one of the oldest Monotype faces and was released in 1906 in the two weights, normal and…

  2. ITC Franklin Gothic

    Franklin Gothic can be distinguished from other sans serif typefaces, as it has a more traditional double-story g. Other main…

  3. Newcomen
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    Newcomen is a highly versatile titling face that includes 87 OpenType alternates and 38 ligatures. Newcomen titling, in its default…

  4. Insigne Fleurons
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    Insigne Fleurons offers a wide range of diverse text ornaments to enhance your designs. These 52 ornaments can be used…

  5. Lorelei
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    Lorelei is an exuberant and bouncy script. The ink seems to be slathered onto the surface in a casual and…

  6. Della Robbia

    Thomas Maitland Cleland’s careful and scholarly creation of a typeface from 15th Century Florentine inscriptional capitals; designed for the Bruce…

  7. Century

    The first Century™ Fonts Family was cut by Linn Boyd Benton working with T. L. De Vinne for Century magazine…

  8. ITC Korinna

    Korinna is a German jugendstil (Art Nouveau) serif typeface, first released by the H. Berthold AG type foundry in 1904.…

  9. DeLittle Chromatic

    DeLittle Chromatic is a distinctively British display face in two colors. Its forms alternate between comical sweeps and rigid brutalism;…

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