Classification: Square Gothic

  1. Agency FB Typeface

    ATF Agency Gothic was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1932 as a lone titling. In 1990, David Berlow saw…

  2. Alphaville Typeface
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  3. American Gothic Typeface
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    A blocky and bold geometric sans with inner angles and outer curves. No ascenders; lower case characters are as big…

  4. Bank Gothic Typeface

    Bank Gothic is an exploration of geometric forms, and is contemporary with the rectilinear slab serif typeface City by Georg…

  5. Blou Typeface
  6. Bulletin Typeface
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    A gritty and powerful all-caps face. Four styles are included so you can mix and match letters to create unique…

  7. Chicago Typeface

    One of the original Macintosh bitmap system fonts. It was also used on early generations of the iPod. Originally bitmap…

  8. Compacta Typeface
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  9. DeLuxe Gothic Typeface

    A longtime font favorite of his, Michael felt that a set of lowercase characters would make Bank Gothic a more…

  10. Downturn Typeface
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    Downturn is a square sans-serif based on painted signage and industrial letters. Letterforms in Downturn are simple constructed letters with…

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