Classification: Ornamented, Novelty

  1. Alquimia Typeface
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    To call Alquimia a ‘typeface’ isn’t nearly enough, it’s an intricately beautiful language in itself. Expressive, versatile – and somehow…

  2. Amber Typeface
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    Amber is a minimal font which is built on a grid of 3×3 squares. It was an experiment to see…

  3. Anisette Typeface

    Systematic variation of Art Deco capitals in Cassandre’s posters led to Anisette. Rich contrasts in width and weight of hand-lettered…

  4. Antigen Typeface
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    Antigen is a forceful and fresh typeface with a strong futuristic feel. Its characters have a wide stance, and the…

  5. Architype Ingenieur Typeface
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    Architype Ingenieur was inspired by Wim Crouwel’s late 1950s exhibition catalogues and posters, where he created a few geometrically constructed,…

  6. Architype Vierkant Typeface
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    Architype Vierkant was developed from the few letterforms that Crouwel created for an opening spread in a 1972 Drupa catalogue,…

  7. Assembler Typeface

    A slightly bouncy, organic feel, but at the same time is mildly cold and angular. Suitable for headlines and single…

  8. Avatar Typeface
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  9. B-FUQ 01 Typeface
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  10. B-FUQ 02 Typeface
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