Classification: Ornamented, Novelty

  1. Aafje Typeface
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    Aafje is a pixel cursive designed by Vera Evstafieva. It appeared from an assignment at Type & Media course at…

  2. Abaddon Typeface

    Abaddon is a font designed by Dave Nalle of Scriptorium Fonts, inspired by the poster lettering of Art Nouveau artist…

  3. Absinette Typeface

    Absinette takes us straight back to 19th century France. Its a decorative famiy of Roman faces in three widths as…

  4. Academy Engraved LET Plain Typeface
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    Letraset Academy Engraved 1989 Esselte Letraset Ltd. Letraset’s talented type designer, Vince Whitlock, was inspired by the elegant Caslon series…

  5. Advertisers Gothic Light Typeface
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    Advertisers Gothic Light, from a volume of headline fonts, was designed by Robert Wiebking in…

  6. Aequitas Typeface
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  7. Aerator Typeface
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  8. Airflo Typeface
  9. Alcoholica Typeface
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    A typeface for drunks, best used for tipsy…

  10. Algerian Typeface

    lgerian (regular) was created for Scangraphic by Phillip Kelly at Letraset. Algerian Condensed was created by the Linotype library designer…

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