Classification: Egyptian

  1. A & S Gallatin Typeface
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    A & S Gallatin, type style was listed in the 1984 phototype catalog. The style was available on a Linofilm…

  2. Aachen Typeface
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  3. Adelle Typeface

    While Adelle is a slab serif typeface conceived specifically for intensive editorial use, mainly in newspapers and magazines, its personality…

  4. Blackoak Typeface

    Blackoak is an Adobe Originals typeface designed as a big, heavy Egyptienne-sytle slab-serif titling face by Joy Redick in 1990…

  5. Cassia Typeface
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    a dynamic ‘Egyptienne’ with contrasting Italics and a classical appearance. More individual and agile and less cold than most Slab…

  6. Egizio Typeface
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  7. Egyptienne F Typeface
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    Adrian Frutiger designed Egyptienne F for the Deberny & Peignot Foundry in 1956. “Egyptian” or “Egyptienne” is a typographic designation…

  8. Fette Egyptienne Typeface
  9. Irma Text Slab Typeface
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    Irma Text Slab is a contemporary interpretation of a geometric Slab Serif informed by a humanist cursive style. Irma Text…

  10. Mido Typeface

    A medium-bold Egyptian face, Mido Medium (2007) is a contemporary font by Swedish designer Eva Wilsson Grinder. Taking inspiration from…

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