Classification: Casual Script

  1. Aisha Typeface

    Aisha is a child of two worlds. Her origin is the Maghreb but she was brought up in Europe, she…

  2. Always Typeface
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    Anton Scholz released his Casual Script Always in January of 2010. Since then, this script face with sweeping swashes and…

  3. Angel Script Typeface

    Angel Script found its origins a few years ago when I was developing Luce. Luce utilized varying style numbers to…

  4. Apricot Typeface
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    A. R. Bosco made Romany for ATF in 1934, when there was much demand for script types in advertising and…

  5. Art Brush Typeface
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    Gary D. Jessey worked at a newspaper and they needed a stylic special font for advertisement purposes. He found this…

  6. Bhang Typeface
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  7. Black Jack Typeface
  8. Blacklight Typeface
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  9. Bradley Hand Typeface

    Designed in 1995 by Richard…

  10. Corinthia Typeface
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    A festive, elegant script, Corinthia flows with perfect connections and beautiful curves. This delightful design offers wide usage… invitations, romance…

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