Font Fridays: Typekit and The Typographic Desk Reference

Today’s special Thanksgiving Font Friday includes a free Typekit Portfolio account and a signed copy of The Typographic Desk Reference from Oak Knoll Press.

A feast of type & typography

Typekit brings real fonts to your website in seconds. Simply choose the fonts you want from Typekit’s large (and growing!) library, select which classes or IDs you want the fonts to appear, and you’re done! The Portfolio-level account provides access to the full library of fonts on up to 5 websites for one year.

Now that web fonts are a reality, you’ll need all the typographic advice you can get your hands on. The Typographic Desk Reference includes thousands of facts on typography, including typographic terms, glyphs, guides to anatomy and form, and classifications and specimens. Beautifully written and designed by Theodore Rosendorf, and signed by the author.

How it works

It’s the Friday before Thanksgiving, and let’s be honest—most of you are already daydreaming about turkey and cranberry sauce. So, for this week’s contest, we’d like you to take a moment and do a good deed for Typedia. It could be something as simple as adding a release year, or uploading a specimen, or contributing some background information. Tell us your good deed in the comments to be entered in the contest. You can only enter once. You have until 9am EST Monday, November 23rd to enter. After 9am, two winners will be randomly selected, and we’ll announce the winners here.

Good luck! Font Fridays will be taking off for the Thanksgiving holiday next week, but we’ll be back in full force in December! Happy eating!

Update: And we have two winners! Sannsaan wins a free year of Typekit and Brandy Bingham wins the signed copy of the TDR. Congrats to both, and happy Thanksgiving to all!

  • 1. Jake’s avatar Jake Nov 20, 2009

    Just updated the country of origin for FF Danubia :)

  • 2. Indra Kupferschmid’s avatar Indra Kupferschmid Nov 20, 2009

    Poynter was worth a good deed

  • 3. Dominik Porada’s avatar Dominik Porada Nov 20, 2009

    “Algerian is missing a Foundry(ies).” — not anymore. :-)

  • 4. jpamental’s avatar jpamental Nov 20, 2009

    Hi – Just added the designer, a source and updated the classification for Century Gothic. Well worth the effort.

  • 5. Jake’s avatar Jake Nov 20, 2009

    Didn’t feel like adding a country was enough. Added a bunch of info for Lucida Fax too.

  • 6. Matt Beattie’s avatar Matt Beattie Nov 20, 2009

    Abadi now has a country :)

  • 7. rhiafaery’s avatar rhiafaery Nov 20, 2009

    I added a Distributor for Letter Gothic. :)

  • 8. Brandy Bingham’s avatar Brandy Bingham Nov 20, 2009

    Added a foundry & distributor to Gloucester

  • 9. gregone’s avatar gregone Nov 20, 2009

    I have updated Diavlo’s Background

  • 10. Michael Powers’s avatar Michael Powers Nov 20, 2009

    Added specimens for Lucida Bright and Lucida Fax.

  • 11. Elias’s avatar Elias Nov 20, 2009

    Added designers, foundry, classification and release year for Lucida Bright

  • 12. kokaubeam’s avatar kokaubeam Nov 20, 2009

    Algerian was missing a release year.

  • 13. mohu’s avatar mohu Nov 20, 2009

    Added a background and background and background source to Sylfaen.

  • 14. bobholt’s avatar bobholt Nov 20, 2009

    I added Designer, a foundry, background, and specimen to Century

  • 15. Kevin M Jackson’s avatar Kevin M Jackson Nov 20, 2009

    Added FF Unit Rounded & family specimens… Does that count as a “good deed”?

  • 16. Jason Santa Maria’s avatar Jason Santa Maria Nov 20, 2009

    @chuise : It most certainly does :)

  • 17. pdmcintyre’s avatar pdmcintyre Nov 20, 2009

    Added distributors for Algerian.

  • 18. bannerjiinica’s avatar bannerjiinica Nov 20, 2009

    Added Foundry(ies) for Walbaum.

  • 19. kurtcruse’s avatar kurtcruse Nov 20, 2009

    Does staying up till 4am on a work night to put the beginnings of a wedding website together for a best bud count? A site that you’d no doubt use Typekit for if you had a few more licenses (that you won in some stellar contest.)

  • 20. spudking’s avatar spudking Nov 20, 2009

    I just registered! What’s better than that!

  • 21. Jason Santa Maria’s avatar Jason Santa Maria Nov 20, 2009


    I just registered! What’s better than that!

    A good deed :) Registering alone doesn’t count.

  • 22. rhiafaery’s avatar rhiafaery Nov 20, 2009

    Ohhh…oops, I also added a background for Letter Gothic. Can we win some free coffee, too? :D

  • 23. jasonwhittemore’s avatar jasonwhittemore Nov 20, 2009

    Added a specimen for Balmoral. Hooray for good deeds!!!

  • 24. Kevin M Jackson’s avatar Kevin M Jackson Nov 20, 2009

    Figured I would continue to put things off this morning… Added specimens/background for Lucida Bright; added Silkscreen w/specimens (how come the web design people haven’t jumped on that one yet?!).

  • 25. Shane Guymon’s avatar Shane Guymon Nov 20, 2009

    ITC Trade Gothic was titled “TC Trade Gothic” and then I added
    1. Designer
    2. Foundry
    3. Background
    4. Release Year
    5. Distributor(s)
    6. Tags
    7. Related Links

  • 26. jmvanderpol’s avatar jmvanderpol Nov 20, 2009

    Entered bio, website & image for the foundry ReType.

  • 27. Shane Guymon’s avatar Shane Guymon Nov 20, 2009

    However after doing a search my “Good Deed” should of been to just delete it, because it appears that “Trade Gothic” is already in the archive.

    Do I still get credit for a “good deed”?

  • 28. sebber’s avatar sebber Nov 20, 2009

    Added specimen for Arnhem, Fago und Unit.

  • 29. Laura Fisher’s avatar Laura Fisher Nov 20, 2009

    Added release date and background for Kozuka Mincho.

    It’s a primarily Japanese language font; it doesn’t appear that there are a lot of allowances in the database structure for that information. I added the tag ‘Japanese’ – is that adequate?

  • 30. Philip Arthur Moore’s avatar Philip Arthur Moore Nov 20, 2009

    I added a specimen for Stag Stencil Light. Happy Thanksgiving to Jason and everyone else!

  • 31. Mandy Brown’s avatar Mandy Brown Nov 20, 2009

    @Shane Guymon — yes, that counts. I’ll look into the duplicate issue.

    @Laura Fisher: that counts too!

  • 32. GregD’s avatar GregD Nov 20, 2009

    Added foundaries, background, links, and a second design for Stag Stencil. Also added a release year for Pill Gothic and Country + Formats for Lucida, Lucida Sans, Lucida Fax, Lucida Bright, and Lucida!

  • 33. tjhellmann’s avatar tjhellmann Nov 20, 2009

    Added country of origin to American Typewriter.

  • 34. giddy hill’s avatar giddy hill Nov 20, 2009

    Added original format to Cooper Black.

  • 35. Eric MacLeod’s avatar Eric MacLeod Nov 20, 2009

    I added a short, but sweet background to FF Unit.

  • 36. Tony’s avatar Tony Nov 20, 2009

    I added the distributor for Fedra serif – MyFonts.

  • 37. Brian Burns’s avatar Brian Burns Nov 21, 2009

    Added a release date and country of origin for Letter Gothic.

  • 38. LeFaune’s avatar LeFaune Nov 21, 2009

    Added : – Country of origin for Cambria. – Country of origin for Constantia

  • 39. Xavier Fajardo’s avatar Xavier Fajardo Nov 21, 2009

    Added the typeface listing for “Urbana” font from colombian typographer César Puertas, you can find it here:

  • 40. santiago’s avatar santiago Nov 21, 2009

    I just added Leitura Type System info

  • 41. Manuel J. Rivera’s avatar Manuel J. Rivera Nov 21, 2009

    Added Designer, Foundry, Release year, Classification and Original format to <a href=“”>Bookman Oldstyle</a>.

  • 42. Manuel J. Rivera’s avatar Manuel J. Rivera Nov 21, 2009

    Added Designer, Foundry, Release year, Classification and Original format to Bookman Oldstyle (Bookman Oldstyle)

  • 43. Mike Birch’s avatar Mike Birch Nov 21, 2009

    Added Designers to Albert Pro

  • 44. AngB’s avatar AngB Nov 21, 2009

    Added Fairy tale and Divine……

  • 45. PiMC2CM’s avatar PiMC2CM Nov 22, 2009

    Added a Specimen for Aster

  • 46. PiMC2CM’s avatar PiMC2CM Nov 22, 2009

    also added specimens for Goudy Text with and without Lombardic capitals

  • 47. Grot Esqué’s avatar Grot Esqué Nov 22, 2009

    Added some info for Badhouse.

  • 48. xtyelf’s avatar xtyelf Nov 22, 2009

    I add ITC Galliard & Janson

  • 49. paulrandall’s avatar paulrandall Nov 22, 2009

    I added, and updated Moderno FB

    It’s a really beautiful font, and I have been waiting for the right project to use it.

  • 50. riccard0’s avatar riccard0 Nov 22, 2009

    Added some info to Andron

  • 51. kelsey’s avatar kelsey Nov 22, 2009

    I just added Clairveaux

  • 52. Michael Zed’s avatar Michael Zed Nov 22, 2009

    Added Trajanus.

  • 53. dave aquino’s avatar dave aquino Nov 22, 2009

    Added Tang

  • 54. marcuswu’s avatar marcuswu Nov 23, 2009

    Added Disturbance

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